Colin Way Branding
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography
Bellows Media Branding
Art Direction, Branding, Cinematography
Kara Chomistek Branding
Art Direction, Branding, Fashion
Mayor's Urban Design Awards 13
Architecture, Art Direction, Branding
L&C Wedding Invites + collateral
Art Direction, Illustration
Mayor's Lunch for Arts Champions 12
Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration
Art Direction, Photography, Typography
Parkshow Branding 12
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Fashion
Whatever it takes - Gerard Yunker photography
Graphic Design, Photography, Print Design
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Photography
ENG, GERLA, WAY – Photography exhibit 10
Art Direction, Photography, Print Design
Mayor's Urban Design Awards 11
Architecture, Art Direction, Digital Art
Left memory bank - Vehicle Magazine
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
2011 Royal Tour Collateral Materials
Art Direction
Behind the music - Calgary Folk Festival 09
Art Direction, Illustration, Music
Dogfish Custom Concrete Branding
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Calgary Parks 100 Book
Art Direction, Creative Direction
Versant Collateral Items
Art Direction, Packaging, Typography
Versant Bistro Sales Centre Interior Design
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Versant - Discovery book
Art Direction, Branding, Culinary Arts
Gourmet Mountain Living Magazine
Art Direction, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design
Versant VIP Invite for floorplan reveal
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Fringe Festival Branding 07
Branding, Fine Arts, Performing Arts
Chinese New Year - from the Mayor
Art Direction
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