Fringe Festival Branding 07

Uncensored. Unexpected. Unforgettable theatre. That's what to expect at the Fringe Festival. Expect the unexpected. Fringes are uncensored, non-juried theatre festivals. The first Fringe started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947, and has grown into one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. The second-largest Fringe Festival is in Edmonton, Alberta, and draws nearly 800,000 attendees a year. In 2007, we were tasked to generate a new visual identity for the Fringe Festival as a pro-bono project. It was a going to be departure from their court jester they had used previously. We decided to purse something just as quirky and unexpected as the theatre presents, the juxtaposition of the deer horns (stereotypical calgary hunters) with soft, artful angelic wings. The crest an inverses FF logo again, reinforcing the quirkiness of the festival.

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