Photographed by: Jarusha Brown
Design + art direction: Lisa Turner
Custom Illustration of bride & groom: Karen Klassen
Being a graphic designer and getting married means you get to design your own wedding invites for the big day. [ Yah, no pressure right?] Colin (the groom) and I wrote the wording ourselves, which tells the story of how it was love at first kiss. The colour palette tied into the warm insustrial space, and we wanted something really special so we hired our friend, illustrator Karen Klassen to draw our portraits.
From our photographer:
I just received this beautiful invite yesterday for my August Calgary wedding. I love getting mail from clients – especially wedding invites.  I’m so ridiculously excited for this wedding – when a photographer and a graphic designer get married, you know it’s going to blow your mind! [ No pressure guys [;)] ]
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